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Breakside Brewery’s Hop Lab Opens March 7 in Slabtown, Menu Revealed

The popular microbrewery heads to Northwest Portland

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Inside Breakside Brewery’s third location
Dina Avila/EPDX

With locations in Milwaukie and Northeast Portland, one of the city’s most respected breweries Breakside Brewery has cross the river and is now open in Northwest’s Slabtown neighborhood. Breakside dubs the new brewpub Hop Lab, and it operates daily, from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., at 1570 NW 22nd Ave.

Hop Lab will eventually have a three-story restaurant, including a rooftop patio with its own bar, but currently, only the first-floor bar and restaurant are operational. New School Beer reports the patio should open in April or May. Ultimately, Breakside Brewery’s third location will have over 200 seats, as well as a private events space for small gatherings.

The beer program centers on hop-forward brews, and almost all of them will be exclusive to the location. Brewing will be led by Will Jaquiss, who will employ a 10-barrel system to craft rather unusual beers. The press release reads:

Brewers today have the greatest pantry of ingredients available to them in the history of brewing, especially hops. In the quest to discover the next Citra, Mosaic, or Simcoe, hop breeders have grown and developed numerous other varietals, many of which are wonderful hops but not great for American IPAs. We want to focus on these “non IPA” varietals and try to expand the vocabulary that we use to talk about hops and hop forward beers.

Breakside Brewery has also earned a following for its food, and the new location features many familiar appetizers, salads, sandwiches, and burgers from its Dekum kitchen. But there are new additions, too, such as the “NW BBQ Bacon Burger” and a farro and tofu bowl. Take a look at the full opening day menu here:

Breakside Brewery [NW]

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