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Nikko Marquez IN at SuperBite

He replaces longtime chef de cuisine Cory Rom, who’s heading to Europe on a culinary learning mission

Nikko Marquez

Greg Denton, the co-owner of both Ox and SuperBite, tells Eater that SuperBite chef de cuisine Cory Rom is leaving for a European sabbatical at the end of this month. To replace him, Denton is promoting SuperBite sous chef Nikko Marquez on April 1.

“Nikko has been with us from the start of SuperBite and is excited to make his mark on the menu,” Denton says.

Last year, Marquez left California—he’d been working at Nancy Silverton’s Pizzeria Mozza in Los Angeles—with the express purpose of working at Ox. But when Denton offered him the sous position at his then-unopened SuperBite, Marquez leapt at the opportunity.

“The new kitchen dynamic was really intriguing to me,” he says of SuperBite’s mission to have kitchen staff deliver—and explain—dishes to guests in lieu of servers.

“We couldn't be happier or more supportive of [Rom’s] decision to move on,” Denton says. “He is still very young and has such a bright future. When he gets back from his travels we will be there to support him in finding whatever he may want to do next. I do not know what his future plans are, but whatever he decides to do, we have no doubt that he will be successful.”

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