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Thieves Heartlessly Steal Xico’s Precious Handblown Mezcal Glasses

This is why we can’t have nice things

The stolen mezcal glasses

On Saturday, SE Division’s Xico had a set of precious handblown jicaras glasses stolen from its dining room (pictured above). Owner Liz Davis tells Eater the glasses are for sipping mezcal and she had found them in a glass-blowing facility outside of Oaxaca City, Mexico, after helping a friend haul old bottles there for recycling.

“They’re made from recycled mezcal bottles,” says Davis. “Each is original and designed to mimic the shape of the gourd typically used to drink mezcal.”

If you have any leads, reach out to the restaurant, or if you have them, you can return them with no questions asked. Davis offers this final plea:

Please, please return our glasses! Oaxaca is thousands of miles away and it will be awhile before we can get there again. We chose to share the jicaras with our guests to make the experience of drinking mezcal more fun, authentic, and classy. Please respect that the people behind each independent restaurant pour their hearts into what they do. No questions asked. Please bring back our glasses!


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