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Portland Food/Horror/Talk Show ‘Last Meal’ Debuts April 28

The entire first season is about to be available for free streaming

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Last Meal

What happens when you put together Penguin Productions, Portland’s gothic Blackberry Castle, and the restaurateurs behind The Picnic House, Barlow Artisanal Bar, and High Noon? A web video series that’s one part reality cooking show, one part celebrity talk show, and one part horror movie, called Last Meal. Tomorrow, the first full season will go live for free online streaming, on the Last Meal Vimeo Channel.

Last Meal is set up like a talk show, only inside of a castle owned by the son of the grim reaper (restaurateur Aaron Grimmer). It features several pop personalities over six episodes in its first season, including comedian and actress Sabrina Jalees (Transparent, The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore, MTV Showcase) and musician Brent Knopf (El Vy, Ramona Falls). The guests are wined and dined, discussing food and drink and their creative endeavors the whole time, before succumbing to gory deaths á la Sleepaway Camp.

You can check out the trailer here.

High Noon

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