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Boke Dokie Replaces Sunset Fried Chicken Inside Rachel’s Ginger Beer

Can you say miso-butterscotch Twinkies?

The Boke Dokie food cart
Facebook/Boke Dokie

The Boke Dokie food cart cranked up the deep friers a little less than a year ago, but it already has a second location at Providence Park, a forthcoming location inside the Portland Food Hall, and now, another spot opening soon inside Rachel’s Ginger Beer on SE Hawthorne. PoMo says Boke Dokie will launch inside the reputed ginger beer producer’s Portland outpost at 3646 SE Hawthorne by the end of April.

Hopefully Boke Dokie’s Asian-inspired fried chicken sandwiches will fare better than the former deep-fried offering: Sunset Fried Chicken packed up its things after just four months, despite being known for serving some of the most lauded sandwiches in Seattle.

Boke Dokie comes from the crackerjack team behind Boke Bowl—still, the small counter window in the back of Rachel’s Ginger Beer is a tricky space. The focus of the establishment is clearly on the famous ginger beers, which do come in cocktail form for onsite sipping.

Those in the know will certainly make the point to seek out Boke’s spicy fried-chicken (and tofu) sandwiches, which come topped with tangy Asian slaw and gochujang sauce on a brioche-style bun—not to mention its miso-butterscotch Twinkies.

Rachel's Ginger Beer

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