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Portland Commissioner Challenges Restaurants, Bars to Provide ‘All-User’ Restrooms

Commissioner draws a line in the sand on the controversial topic

Photo by Sara D. Davis/Getty Images

This Friday, April 7, city commissioner Nick Fish will officially challenge Portland businesses to convert 1,000 single-stall restrooms into “all-user” restrooms within 150 days. The challenge centers on the nationwide debate over whether transgender Americans should be allowed to use the restrooms in which they feel most comfortable.

Fish made his position on the topic clear when he and commissioner Amanda Fritz spearheaded a movement in fall 2016 that converted 600 City of Portland-owned restrooms into all-user bathrooms. Here is Fish’s All-User Restroom Challenge in his own words:

“The City of Portland successfully converted 600 single-stall restrooms to all-user restrooms. I am formally challenging the business community to meet us, and beat us. The goal is 1,000 all-user restrooms in the next 150 days. The support so far from public spirited businesses has been overwhelming. I am confident the business community will exceed our expectations.”

Fish will announce the challenge at The Station on Friday, from 11 to 11:30 a.m., where he’ll be joined by the Oregon Restaurant and Lodging Association, Venture Portland, the Portland Business Alliance, the Portland Area Business Association, the Main Street Alliance, and Yelp. More information is available on the City’s All-User Restroom Challenge website.