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Meet the Extremely Instagrammable Dishes at Wasabi Sushi’s New Brick and Mortar

It’s now open in inner Southeast

A trifecta sushi donut three pack on display by the owner and master chef @alex.naung

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Wasabi Sushi PDX

Restaurateurs Phyu and Alex Naung have created two of the most Instagrammable menus in Portland: egg waffles at Puffle Waffle and the full range of sushi forms — traditional sushi dressed up to look like other popular foods, like doughnuts — at Wasabi Sushi PDX. Wasabi Sushi opens its first brick and mortar today at 980 SE Madison St., and below, find a quick guide to the full range of brilliantly designed sushi on the menu.

But first, a little background. Chef Naung was born in Burma, and over his 20 years of cooking, he’s worked in England and Hawaii. He moved to Portland in 2010, and he’s since opened three Wasabi Sushi PDX food carts, in Happy Valley Station, SE Division’s Tidbit food cart pod, and downtown’s Cartlab food hall. His wife Phyu Naung owns Puffle Waffle.

In a time when food trends go viral faster than you can say “Pass the furikake,” the Naungs appear to have cornered the Portland market... for the moment. Here’s why:

The Brand-New Sushi Burger

The Sushi Burrito (this one from the extensive menu is rolled in Flamin’ Hot Cheetos)

The Wide World of Sushi Doughnuts