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Feastly Comes To Portland

It’s a new way to find and track pop-up restaurants


A new source for finding and booking meals at pop-up restaurants and supper clubs has arrived in Portland. The Bay Area-based Feastly came to Portland in February 2017, and it has already hosted dining events with many of Portland’s most promising pop-ups, like Meadowlark and Carlo Lamagna’s Twisted Filipino. Currently, it holds dining events in three events spaces: Cooper’s Hall, Tournant, and its own recently opened, dedicated venue at 912 SE Hawthorne (formerly Iorio Restaurant).

Feastly tells Eater it’ll offer additional food-related events, too. “We’ve had interest from chefs, recipe developers, and cooking-class instructors, and we’re excited to support that momentum,” says City Director for Feastly Portland Julia Raymond.

Similar to an “Eat with strangers app,” Feastly lets diners keep track of the tangled web of underground dinners in the city — which are often serving some of the most exciting flavors around — by letting you filter by date, price, cuisine, dietary restriction, and venue location. You don’t have to download anything — just head to the website, where each event comes with a description, the night’s menu, and information about the chef. Peer reviews let you see what other diner’s think, too.

“One of the most exciting things for me is that we’re helping to showcase and provide a platform for cuisines that do not necessarily exist yet at brick-and-mortar restaurants,” says Raymond.

Portland is Feastly’s third managed city, after San Francisco and Los Angeles, and it also has a presence in Chicago and New York. The website is currently focusing on building its presence on the West Coast. For now, says Raymond, “We’re working towards our short-term goal of an event every night.” For those who spend hours signing up for supper club newsletters and tracking exciting pop-ups on social media, Feastly could offer a time-saving alternative.


912 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR 97214 Visit Website