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Watch: The Painted Lady Breaks Down The World’s Largest Burrowing Clam

See geoduck carpaccio prepared by the acclaimed wine-country restaurant

Geoduck carpaccio

Since opening in 2005, The Painted Lady has been one of the only true fine-dining restaurants in Oregon, but it sits an hour outside of Portland in Newberg — smack-dab in Willamette Valley wine country — hidden from many voracious eaters. To reveal the technique-driven dishes chef Allen Routt sends from the kitchen, Eater Portland shot the video at The Painted Lady above, featuring one of the Pacific Northwest’s most unique ingredients, geoduck.

Only found on North America’s West Coast, geoduck is so popular in China that few locals get to try it — the price is so exorbitant. It’s a clam able to communicate its environment just like oysters but with a snappy, almost steak-like texture.

Chef Routt blanches the geoduck to remove the skin, before breaking it down (removing the stomach) into paper-thin slices. He adds oca (oxalidaceae), a rare, yam-like tuber from the Andes that’s locally grown by Farmer Brown at Mustard Seeds Farm in Newberg, along with caviar, celery, micro cilantro, and fresh wasabi from the Frog Eyes farm on the Oregon coast.

The Painted Lady

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