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Eater Road Trip Week Begins NOW

Grab your sriracha, we’re going for a ride

US Forest Service Considers Restricting Photography Within Federally Designated Wilderness Areas Photo by Natalie Behring/Getty Images

Welcome to the first ever Road Trip Week on Eater, an exploration of can’t-miss dining destinations worth the drive.

Starting now and continuing through Friday, Eater PDX — as well as all the other sites across the Eater network — will feature articles, photo galleries, maps, and more focused on all the things to eat on the road. Prepare for an in-depth look at Oregon’s top culinary destinations, from its most delicious cities, to the best things to eat near popular tourist sights.

It’s no secret that Oregon has an inordinate number of exceptional road trips — perhaps no other city in the United States has so many ways to get away with jaw-dropping scenery: the Cascade Mountain range, the sandy or craggy coast, the mammoth Columbia River Gorge, the lava lands, the rivers, and all those waterfalls — if only they could transform into hollandaise! Delicious things to eat do in fact punctuate all these locations.

Are you a culinary road warrior with tips to spare? Share them in the comments or over the Eater tip line.

Now sit back and enjoy the ride. And feel free to delve into past theme weeks here: Sweets Week, Barbecue Week, and Breakfast Week.

Let’s burn some rubber.