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Kachka Is Temporarily Closing Mid-June

In preparation for the restaurant’s expansion, the owners and staff are taking a research trip

Pelmeni dumplings

As Portland’s nationally recognized Russian restaurant Kachka prepares to expand, it’s closing after service on June 17 to take a culinary research trip to Russia. Chef-owner Bonnie Morales and members of Kachka’s dining room and kitchen staff will spend time with Morales’s family, on the hunt for those regional Russian dishes the restaurant has built its name on. Kachka will reopen on June 29.

Co-owners and husband-and-wife team Bonnie and Israel Morales take biannual journeys to Russia, but this is the first time they’re bringing their staff along. In the announcement email, Bonnie Morales writes, “We do our best to communicate how the dishes we serve or the style of dining we create are culturally relevant, but it's come time to just physically take our staff there. Our employees work incredibly hard and we just really want to show our gratitude.”

It’s serving house-infused spirits in the days leading up to the closure at a deep discount: From June 15 to 17, get shots of things like beet-infused fernet and Belarusian-style spiced honey vodka for $2.


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