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Buckman Public House Opens This Weekend Inside Former Washington High School

It’s finally time

Facebook/Buckman Public House

Word of Buckman Public House first dropped more than a year ago, and now the O reports the huge, 300-seat spot will open at 1310 SE Stark St. “this weekend.” Eater has reached out for a specific date and hours, and according to Buckman Public House’s Facebook page, some opening-day festivities are in the works.

Buckman Public House joins the Marthas Cafe and the Revolution Hall performance venue inside of the former Washington High School building, which just so happens to be where James Beard, the “Dean of American cookery,” went to high school.

So far, owners Gregg Matteucci, David Regan, and Suzanne Regan (Tucci, Fenouil) have only released a few menu specifics, with some potentially fun plates inspired by high school cafeteria lunches. But the experienced team in the kitchen and behind the bar, which includes chefs Jeff Emerson (Tucci, Cafe Castagna) and Ian Wilson (Fenrir), suggests there’s much more to be unveiled.

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Buckman Public House

1310 Southeast Stark Street, , OR 97214 (503) 206-5451 Visit Website