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Thieves Strike Four Restaurants in Alberta Neighborhood in One Night

They broke into Urdaneta, Zilla Sake House, Autentica, and Wilder Bar

The damange at Zilla Sake House
Facebook/Zilla Sake House

On Wednesday night, a thief or thieves broke into four restaurants in the NE Alberta neighborhood, affecting Urdaneta, Zilla Sake House, Autentica, and Wilder Bar. Speaking with Eater, the owners of the restaurants all share the same story: a smash and grab situation, in which very little of value was stolen but a lot of damage was caused.

Ben Preacher of Wilder Bar and Autentica reports, “Our cash drawers were both stolen, while electronics and POS equipment were left behind. Fortunately, we never have cash on-hand overnight so that wasn't an issue.”

Likewise, Urdaneta owner Javier Canteras says his cash drawer was taken — right in the middle of Tapas Week — without a sizable sum of money inside. “I was more concerned about our jamon Iberico, but it is still here and ready to carve tonight,” he tells Eater. “Our neighbors and the Portland community have been extremely supportive. One of our regulars came in last night and even gave us a donation to help with our door repairs. Very moving. It is beautiful to see how people can come together in times of unfortunate events.”

The final known break-in had the worst timing: Zilla Sake House had just reopened after a sizable remodel, and the vandals trashed its glass door and stole two iPads. “That was it, luckily,” says co-owner Kate Koo. “The police fingerprinted but I don't know if that will really lead anywhere. It's a total bummer for sure.”

The damage at Autentica


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Zilla Sake House

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