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Parasol Bar Unveils Japanese Tavern-Style Lunch

Fried chicken, curry poutine, and more at the Biwa sister restaurant

Parasol Bar
Dina Avila/EPDX

You can now duck into a subterranean bar in the Buckman neighborhood during lunchtime and find a food menu of popular Japanese tavern classics. Located inside the same building as sister-restaurant Biwa, Parasol Bar kicks off seven-days-a-week lunch today, June 19.

“We served lunch in the very earliest days of Biwa in 2007,” Parasol Bar chef and co-owner Gabe Rosen writes to Eater. “I was even the lunch waiter a few times. And as recently as this year, guests still come in and ask, often incredulously, ‘When did you guys stop serving lunch?’

Starting at 11:30 a.m., Parasol Bar serves the lacy Japanese ramen noodles Rosen built his reputation on at Biwa and Noraneko. One of Portland’s hottest new burgers is also on the docket, as well as traditional izakaya plates like Japanese-style fried chicken (karaage), gyoza (pork-and-shrimp dumplings), and something called curry poutine, promising a mashup of Japanese and Canadian flavors. And to help you achieve all your Japanese-style day-drinking goals, there’s a menu of $2 bar snacks to boot.

Parasol Bar

Parasol Bar

215 SE 9th Ave. , Portland, OR Visit Website