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Low-Alcohol Beer Bar Replaces Eugenio’s on SE Division

Sessionable is here to keep you sober


Low alcohol beer... has its place. And Sessionable, opened June 9 in the old Eugenio’s at 3588 SE Division, is here to make the point: It’s a beer bar dedicated to low-ABV beers with 30 taps and a small menu of sandwiches and bar snacks — plus, according to WWeek, gender-neutral bathrooms with bidets. It operates Monday through Friday, from 3 p.m. to late, and Saturday and Sunday, from 11 a.m. to late.

But really. Why drink low-alcohol beer? The most obvious answer seems clear: for stamina, to drink for longer, whether for health or sobriety. So perhaps Sessionable offers the opportunity to settle into a beer bar for the long haul?

Locally, the most iconic session-style beer has to be Full Sail Brewery’s, its bright red labels slapped onto 11-ounce stubbies. And Sessionable says it’ll bring lesser-known session-style beers to the table. The current tap list shows a preference for Oregon breweries, from The Commons to Baerlic and Base Camp. Get sippin’.