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8 More Restaurants Confirm June Break-Ins

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“The only thing those assholes stole from us was our jar full of Dum Dum lollipops.”

The scene at Urdaneta

Eater has confirmed that at least 12 Portland restaurants have been broken into this June. The series of smash-and-grab-style break-ins hit its peak last week, when thieves vandalized several businesses in the Alberta neighborhood. Immediately after the news broke, business owners, employees, and readers reported more break-ins.

The Accanto Italian restaurant on SE Belmont appears to be the first restaurant struck this June, and its story includes some sound advice for how these criminal acts may be avoided: On June 2, a thief or thieves tried to force their way in, but co-owner Eiting Patricia confirms they were not successful, because the restaurant had installed doors made out of safety glass.

Andy Ricker tells Eater Whiskey Soda Lounge was also hit last week. “We got the guy on video,” the iconic chef and restaurateur tells Eater. “He threw a rock through the front door, and then stole about $2 in cash that was left on a countertop.”

Also in Southeast, Shut Up and Eat, the Dapper and Wise coffee shop, and Hello India suffered similar invasions within the last two weeks. A Shut Up and Eat employee says a “massive piece of glass” got wedged so it was impossible to enter. Hello India on SE Hawthorne wasn’t so lucky. “They smashed our glass door around 2:30 a.m. on Sunday, taking our cash draw, sound system, and camera,” says an employee. Dapper and Wise Director of Wholesale Aubrey Mills reports, “All that was taken on SE Division was $18 in quarters.”

These spots join the long list of restaurants vandalized this month in Northeast, which now includes several updates, since last week’s report: The Big Egg, Urdaneta, Zilla Sake House, Autentica, Wilder Bar, Random Order Coffeehouse and Bakery, and Vita Cafe. All of the businesses have reopened, and most say very little of value had been taken.

“The only thing those assholes stole from us was our jar full of Dum Dum lollipops,” say The Big Egg owners Gail and Elizabeth Buchanan. “The whole thing was so stupid and unnecessary.” If you have any leads, share them over the Eater tip line.


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