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Combination Coffeehouse and Commissary Kitchen Opens on MLK and Alberta

Meet the many businesses behind The Arrow Coffeehouse and Kitchenhood Commissary

Arrow Coffeehouse’s new space

The Arrow Coffeehouse is now open daily from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. on the corner of Northeast Alberta and Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard, and it is joined by Kitchenhood Commissary, a commissary kitchen with a host of clients who will offer their unique creations onsite, too. Notably, this includes the come back of DiPrima Dolci, the Italian restaurant and bakery known for its Sicilian pizza slices.

Percolating in Damascus, OR since 2013, The Arrow Coffeehouse is owned by 26-year-old wife and mom Erica Escalante, who tells Eater the vision for her second coffeeshop always included a collaborative kitchen. Kitchenhood Commissary is run by Escalante and her business partner Lyla Wolfenstein, who also operates the Full Belly Fare meal delivery service.

“We realized that our businesses needed their own community where we could all share the rent burden and support each other,” says Escalante. “With other inner-city commissaries being $15 to $25 per hour with zero foot traffic, affordability and community were our key motivations.”

The 2000-square-foot cafe seats 30 and will serve The Arrow Coffeehouse’s line-up of locally roasted coffees through a partnership with Dapper & Wise Roasters. Chef Mark Hunnell (New Deal Cafe) will offer breakfast and lunch sandwiches, salads, and soups (see full menu below).

All of the commissary’s clients will be incorporated into the cafe in different ways. For some, their products will be available onsite, while others will hold pop-ups and more.

Kitchenhood’s full line-up includes:

Thanks to this community focus, The Arrow Coffeehouse and Kitchenhood Commissary are kicking things off with a strong following. “We are community and family funded,” says Escalante. “Back in May, we were able to raise $25k through Kickstarter to help buy our walk-in cooler and freezer.”

Here’s the opening-day food and drink menu:

Arrow Coffeehouse