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180 Gets Into the Ice Cream Game

House-made ice creams and a new ice cream pop-up series


“Our house-made ice cream was always a secret menu item,” says 180 co-owner Cristina Baéz (Ataula), but now the Spanish xurro shop on Northeast Broadway is ready to put ice cream in the limelight. Starting today, 180 is officially getting into the ice cream game: Its ice creams can be ordered by the scoop or as an affogato seven days a week, and it’s begun a monthly ice cream pop-up series.

With the pop-up, 180 will serve ice creams by some of the city’s top producers, like Salt & Straw and Pinolo Gelato, on a handful of dates each month. Today, tomorrow, and Sunday (July 20, 21, and 23), 180 joins forces with Pinolo Gelato, to serve cioccolato, fior de latte, and a seasonal, vegan, berry sorbet, from 5 p.m. to close. The deal is one scoop and one xurro for $4, or get two scoops for $6.

You may have to plan ahead to hit the pop-ups, but 180’s own cocanu chocolate and vanilla ice creams will always be on hand, too. Baéz tells Eater the cocanu chocolate is made with 180’s house-made drinking chocolate as a base, and for the vanilla, the shop cures the vanilla beans in bourbon for deeper flavors.

Are xurros and ice cream a thing in Spain? “No, they are eternal purists in Spain,” says Baéz. But with a pioneering love American of innovation, why not order a scoop in the shop’s hot xocolato?

Here’s the rest of 180’s 2017 summertime ice cream pop-up schedule:

Salt & Straw Ice Cream: Available all-day, on August 2, 10, 18, 26, and 27

Stellar Pop: Available all-day, on September 4, 14, 21, and 25

Pinolo Gelato

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