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See Inside Sandy Hut Team’s Two-Story Bar, The Elvis Room

It’s equally inspired by Graceland and American Gothic

Taking up two floors inside the historic Osborn Hotel building at 203 SE Grand Ave., the Elvis Room is the new bar from Warren Boothby and Marcus Archambeault — two restaurateurs who’ve earned a reputation for saving some of Portland’s most beloved bars, like Sandy Hut and The Alibi Lounge, since taking over Gold Dust Meridian in 2007. “It’s not an Elvis-themed bar,” Boothby tells Eater. “It’s a rock ‘n’ roll bar where Elvis would like to drink.”

The photos in the gallery above make the fine point clear: The bright upstairs bar is equally inspired by Graceland and American Gothic, with blue-suede booths, white columns, white-washed tin tiles, legit flue pipes from a pipe organ, and throwback artwork. Of all Boothby and Archambeault’s bars, the upstairs of the Elvis Room is the brightest, thanks to its huge windows. Every bit of the decor either came from prior projects or from an old Elks Club that had closed.

Downstairs is wholly different animal: a subterranean den that’s like drinking inside of a Portland Shanghai Tunnel decked out with velvet paintings, bubbling fountains, and leafy fake plants galore. Referring to the bar’s striking dichotomy, Boothby says, “The upstairs is a good place to throw back a couple champagne cocktails, before moving onto the harder stuff.”

Boothby and Archambeault tell Eater they’re just waiting on the final permits to go through to open the doors. That could be next week. Look for cocktail and food details as well as the confirmed opening day here on Eater.

Elvis Room

203 SE Grand Ave., Portland, OR Visit Website