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Downtown Portland’s Oldest Craft Brewery to Shutter in August

Tug Boat Brewing has been operating since 1989

Tug Boat Brewery
Yelp/Joe F.

Portland’s pioneering beverage scene took another hit this week when the oldest microbrewery in downtown, Tug Boat Brewing Co., announced it will close its doors at the end of August. Tug Boat’s been operating at 711 SW Ankeny St. for the past 28 years, and it shared the sad news through its website and social media channels.

In part, Tug Boat explains the cause of its shutter as such:

“The decayed condition and the dangerous incidents originating from the address above us, increasing in frequency and severity, forces our Portland institution to its final month of operation, August 2017. Based on the damages routinely imposed on us, no insurance agency can provide us coverage.”

Of late, the brewery has had issues with the neighbors or business operating upstairs: In March 2017, WWeek reported Tug Boat suffered serious damage when a fire originating in the Stewart Apartments on Southwest Broadway caused the ceiling to collapse.

Opened in 1989, long before a plethora of breweries populated every neighborhood in the city, this hole-in-the-wall bar was a libation oasis, pouring some 14 taps of craft beer and cider amidst a cheerful, British-meets-nautical atmosphere, filled with book-lined walls and stout wooden booths.

Take a final look for yourself before the doors close for good on another piece of old-school Portland: Tug Boat will continue to serve half-pints — there’s only so much left — of its trademark Chernobyl Stout through the end of August.