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Portland’s Smith Teamaker Expands to South Korea

Beat 360 serves something you can’t get in the U.S.: tea smoothies

Smith Teamaker’s Beat 360
Smith Teamaker

A game changer in the world of fine teas, Portland’s Steven Smith Teamaker is equally known for its rare blends and its high-profile chef collaborations, and it just announced by newsletter it has opened its first cafe outside of the U.S.: Smith Teamaker’s Beat 360 is now steeping in Seoul, South Korea.

Although it will serve the full lineup of teas, tea flights, and teas on tap, Beat 360 also serves something new: tea smoothies. The smoothies can only be found in the Seoul cafe and include options like matcha avocado, featuring Japanese matcha, avocado, mango, and almond milk, and the chai tea lassie, made up of Smith Masala Chai, peaches, and Greek yogurt. Fingers crossed those smoothies jump the Pacific faster than you can say Mao Feng Shui.

Four years ago, Smith Teamaker partnered with South Korean company Orefarm and its founder Hosik Chang to introduce its products to South Korea, and according to the newsletter, the success of the project ultimately led to the expansion. Smith Teamaker’s head teamaker Tony Tellin and director of tea M.L. Warhus visited Seoul to train staff and otherwise ensure Beat 360 will have the same feel and service as its two Portland tasting rooms, known for luxurious tea service, informed staff, and vibrant design.

Steven Smith Teamaker Southeast

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