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Bon Appétit Names 10 Best New Restaurants in America

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Hold the hot, buttery love


This August, Bon Appétit unveiled 50 finalists for Best New Restaurants of America 2017, and Portland received a sizable share of the list, with the four finalists, Tusk, Guero, Afuri, and Dame. Now, Bon App has named its top 10 best new restaurants of the year, with New Orleans’s Turkey and the Wolf earning the number-one spot, and not a single Portland finalist made the cut. Why not?

In part, Bon App’s coverage reads, “Food should be inspiring. Food should be innovative. And yes, food should be delicious. But more than ever this year, we decided food should be fun.”

Turkey and the Wolf left Bon App editor Andrew Knowlton “stuffed, drunk on mayo, and hallucinating about sandwiches.” It is “a quirky, nostalgic, counter service–only sandwich spot,” that pushes Instagram hashtags like #makesaladsnotyourbed and #eatbolognathenrideapony, but a “simple sandwich served on a Star Wars plate” was indeed enough to earn Knowlton’s admiration.

Know a fun Portland restaurant that deserves some love? Give it a shoutout in the comments.

Hopefully Portland will have better luck next year. Other West Coast cities fared similarly, with neither Seattle or Los Angeles cracking the list.