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Beaverton Announces First-Ever Restaurant Week

Construction has begun on the city’s law-bending food cart pod, too

A man stands inside the dining room of Boriken.
Boriken owner Samuel Vazquez
Courtesy of the City of Beaverton

Located seven miles west of Portland, the City of Beaverton will hold its first Beaverton Restaurant Week from September 28 to October 8, 2017. The inaugural event aims to celebrate Beaverton’s diversity, with a focus on downtown dining options. Twenty-seven restaurants will participate, each serving a dish created especially for the occasion.

Beaverton has a robust dining scene that can be difficult to navigate, as some of the best restaurants are tucked away inside strip malls. Beaverton Restaurant Week features an interactive dining map, which curious Portland eaters can use to game plan. It includes critically acclaimed dining options, like Nak Won Korean Restaurant, and other popular Beaverton dining destinations, like the Borikén Puerto Rican restaurant and Mingo West, the spinoff from Northwest’s Caffe Mingo.

In related news, construction has begun on Beaverton’s first-ever food cart pod — the one supporters had to overturn long-time legislation to bring into existence — and it now has a name: BG’s Food Cartel. It will be gigantic, with an estimated 31 food carts, an interior bar, indoor and outdoor seating, and a night plaza with fire pit. BG’s Food Cartel aims to open this fall, across the street from Beaverton City Hall and near the Beaverton Central MAX Station.