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Behold Omerta’s Old-School American-Italian Menus and Decor

Dark, sleek, moody, old-school

Located at 614 SW Park Ave. inside of the brand-new Dossier Hotel, Omerta is now accepting reservations and officially opens on August 8, but you can get a sneak peek inside of this dimly lit Italian cave of a restaurant right now, in the photo gallery above. The Omerta team — a partnership called Microwave Hospitality between ChefStable’s Kurt Huffman and members of the Lightning Bar Collective — has also shared its opening-day menus with Eater (below).

From the darkness, to the flower-pattern wallpaper, Omerta is a place to escape: It’s around 1300 square feet of white tablecloths, candles, and wood paneling. When it opens, it’ll serve dinner with traditional service nightly, starting at 5 p.m.

Chef Mark Barrett, who brings experience from several big-time New York City restaurants, has delivered on Omerta’s promise to serve traditional American-Italian dishes alla New York City, like capreses, caesars, ahi tuna carpaccio, veal and beef polpette, and pastas, like rigatoni with braised rabbit, carrots, peas, and black olives. The entrees are sectioned by protein, whether pollo, vitello and manzo, or pesce. There’s an enticing 20 ounce ribeye bistecca and shrimp with grilled tomato, poached garlic, and pesto.

Here, for the first time, are the Omerta dinner, dessert, and drink menus (Omerta also shared its wine bottle list, but at 56 pages, it’s probably better to ask to speak with the sommelier):

Omerta Dinner Menu, 8.3.17
Omerta Dessert and Drinks Menu, 8.3.17
Omerta Wines by the Glass List, 8.3.17


614 SW Park Ave., Portland, OR Visit Website