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Ice Cream Sandwiches Made With Deep-Fried Xurro Cookies Have Arrived

Are these the first to ever hit the streets of PDX?

Cocanu chocolate ice cream sandwiched between two xurros (churros)

180, the Spanish xurros (churros) spot by Ataula owners Jose Chesa and Cristina Baéz, continues its exploration of the endlessly fascinating combination of deep-fried dough and small-batch ice creams: Behold the xurro ice cream sandwich, which just kicked off at the shop, located at 2218 NE Broadway, this week.

Baéz tells Eater the sandwich features two xurro cookies, which are fried to order and then immediately dusted with cinnamon and sugar. She uses the same dough to the make the xurro cookies as the shop’s more traditional xurros.

You have a few choices as to what goes between those two xurro cookies. 180 will always have its bourbon-soaked vanilla bean and cocanu chocolate ice creams on offer; the latter features 180’s house-made drinking chocolate as a base. And if you arrive during one of the shop’s monthly ice cream collaborations this summer, you can choose from the pop-up flavors, too (this month is Salt & Straw).

Baéz says she’s hoarding as much of that rotating pop-up ice cream as possible, so show up on the days immediately following the pop-ups and you could luck out. 180 is also currently working to add a plant-based ice cream option.

180's hours have recently changed, and the shop is now open daily, beginning at 8 a.m., and running through to the evening (the 180 team tells Eater the website should be updated any minute now).


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