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Killer Burger Sues Rock and Roll Chili Pit Owners

The lawsuit alleges former co-owners Mark and Robin McCrary “stole” Killer Burger’s burger recipe

Killer Burger
Facebook/Killer Burger

The established downtown burger spot Killer Burger is suing the owners of the new downtown burger spot Rock and Roll Chili Pit, Mark and Robin McCrary, the Oregon Intellectual Property Blog reports. The lawsuit alleges the McCrarys “stole” burger recipes from Killer Burger. In part, the lawsuit reads:

His [Mark McCrary’s] new restaurant business, which he and his wife, defendant Robin McCrary, own and operate through defendant Rock and Roll Chili Pit, Inc., is currently using and advertising two burgers which were stolen straight from the Killer Burger menu. These two stolen burgers have the same names and ingredients as Killer Burger’s “Epic” and “BlackMolly.” When defendants opened their store in April 2017, an article in the Willamette Week newspaper noted that the similarities between Killer Burger’s business and defendants’ new store were “suspiciously hilarious,” but there is nothing funny about it. The defendants are stealing from Killer Burger. They should be stopped and must be made to pay.

In 2010, the McCrarys co-founded Killer Burger, which now has 10 locations, and they left the company in 2016, opening Rock and Roll Chili Pit just a few blocks away from Killer Burger’s downtown location in May 2017. Eater has reached out to both parties for comment.

Killer Burger

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Rock And Roll Chili Pit

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