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Pop-Up Restaurants From Around the Country Are Coming to Portland

Feastly is bringing a taste of NYC, DC, LA, and SF to PDX

A recent Rice & Shine pop-up in Long Beach, California
Rice & Shine

Ever since coming to Portland in February, the San Francisco Bay Area-based Feastly company has been a driving force within Portland’s pop-up restaurant scene, offering a helpful website for tracking and booking many of the city’s top pop-ups, as well as hosting pop-ups in its event spaces. Now Feastly is bringing pop-up chefs from the other cities in which it operates — New York City, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, and San Francisco — to Portland, through its new guest chef series.

“We're kicking the series off this month with chef AC Boral, who hosts the Rice & Shine modern Filipino brunch series in Long Beach, California,” says City Director for Feastly Portland Julia Raymond. “Two of our other local Filipino chefs — Jun Robles and Melvin Trinidad — will be helping out, so it's going to an awesome mashup of Filipino styles and stories.”

Halo Palo Parfait at Rice & Shine
Rice & Shine

Boral will bring his Filipino brunch plates like coconut maja blanca pancakes, Longanisa sausage Scotch Eggs, and chilaquiles topped with sisig (sizzling Filipino pork) to Portland on Sunday, August 27, from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Tickets cost $50 and are available on Feastly.

Moving forward, the guest chef series will happen quarterly in Portland, with the next edition planned for October. The other cities in which Feastly operates are also participating in the guest chef series, which means Portland chefs will soon be on the road, beginning with Portland-based pop-up duo Penn Sardin in Los Angeles in November.

Just like Portland food trucks, pop-up restaurants are an opportunity for entrepreneurial chefs to enter the industry without sacrificing their own style or the food they love to cook. With Feastly now offering to help these chefs bring their cooking to new cities around the nation, the power of the pop-up continues to grow.


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