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New Portland Food Delivery Service Includes Free Marijuana

Local’d expanded from Washington, D.C. to Portland this month

Marijuana Cultivation Center In Nevada Ramps Up Production As State Legalizes Recreation Use Of Weed Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

“Wait, so you provide free marijuana with every purchase?”

“That’s correct,” says the owner of Local’d, a Washington D.C.-based delivery service that expanded to Portland in September 2017. (The owner requested anonymity for privacy.)

Local’d delivers food products like cookies and candy — currently, Portlanders can choose from only around ten products from three companies — and it has a sort of crowd-funding mission, in that it works mostly with local food producers and says it donates a portion of the funds from every purchase back to them to help them grown their businesses. But what everyone is really talking about is the free weed.

Here’s how it works. The Local’d website offers three ordering sizes — standard, premium, and deluxe — and each comes with different quantities of caramel popcorn, candy bars, etc. If you order the standard, along with the products you receive about an eighth ounce of marijuana gratis; the premium comes with around a quarter; and the deluxe includes close to a half ounce.

You can tell which type of cannabis you’re purchasing by looking for the “mood indicator” displayed beside each product on the website. In Portland, it’s a green plant symbol, meaning you’ll get flower, or marijuana buds (in D.C., Local’d also offers free edibles and vape pens). If there’s an arrow pointing up, it’s a sativa strain; a downward arrow means indica; and arrows both up and down mean a hybrid of the two.

Will the company ever begin to deliver food from restaurants?

“We’re sticking to packaged items for now,” says the owner, “and as long as an artisan is a part of the local food community in the Portland area, we’re excited to work with them. But eventually, I would consider doing Chinese food or other things.”

For its delivery service, Local’d marks up prices a lot, so it’s not clear if it’d be a good fit for restaurants and food carts.

Local’d was established in February 2016 and tells Eater it has since raised more than $150,00 for companies in the D.C. area. Donating to local charities is also an important part of the D.C. model, with plans to ultimately do the same in Portland. Local’d only delivers in D.C. and Portland.