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Taylor Railworks Will Soon Close

The last day is October 14

Owners Erik Van Kley and Gabriela Ramos
Courtesy of Taylor Railworks

One of the most exciting restaurants to open in 2015, Taylor Railworks reports by email it will close on October 14. Lunch halts immediately, but you can still get inside for dinner to taste chef Erik Van Kley’s flavorsome seafood plates. Taylor Railworks will continue to operate nightly, from 5 to 10 p.m., until closing day.

“We’ve had a great run making food and drinks that we’ve been proud to serve and have loved every minute of it,” writes co-owner Gabriela Ramos. “Thank you for letting us cook for you, and for making us a well-received success.”

Ramos and Van Kley put Taylor Railworks up for sale in June 2017, stating that they were “actively looking” for a buyer. They are continuing to work with a brokerage firm. “With nearly 50 years worth of professional experience working in restaurants between us,” Ramos wrote in June, “Erik and I realized that we’re ready to see a little more of the outside world and maybe even dine in someone else’s restaurant for a change.”

Taylor Railworks

117 S.E. Taylor St., Portland, OREGON (OR) 97214 Visit Website