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Here’s A New Food Cart Pod, Hitting FoPo This Spring

Complete with covered patio

An artist’s rendering of FoPo Food Carts

Portland’s newest food cart pod is set to land in Foster-Powell sometime this spring.

Fittingly named FOPO Food Carts, it’ll take over an empty lot at SE 74th Avenue and Foster Road. It will house 16 vendors and looks to be a rather attractive pod — the 10,000 square food lot will be decked out with bamboo landscaping, and will feature a fire pit and a covered patio.

It comes from a father-son duo at development company Anamic Construction, which has previously focused on building affordable housing. Yet co-owner Gene Pavlenko, a first-generation immigrant, says over his 20 years in Portland, he’s developed a love for Portland’s carts, which led him towards repurposing this empty lot.

“After seeing several of my favorite food carts and pods disappear over the years I realized it would be a great idea to finally contribute to the food scene.”

There are few clues about who’s going to move in as a vendor at this stage (the only stipulation is that the carts will be non-competitive with each other) — the owners are still seeking tenants at a rate of $650 per month, plus utilities.