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Ex-Imperial, Paley’s Place Pastry Chef to Open Italian Bakery in Lents

For fans of Bella Mercato

Bella’s Italian Bakery & Market

Attention, fans of Italian baked goods (both sweet and savory) — a baker and pastry chef with some very solid experience is setting up shop on SE 92nd in Lents.

According to the Portland Mercury, Michelle Vernier, who has worked with pastry at Imperial, Paley’s Place and the now-closed Wildwood, will be opening Bella’s Italian Bakery & Market in a few months.

In recent years, Vernier has been doing her own thing as a baker under the business name Bella Mercato, with her wares being sold at the Lents International Farmers Market as well as the Woodstock Farmers Market. It looks like the permanent location will stick to similar offerings — on the sweet side, the Mercury notes that this could include cannoli, amaretti cookies, and a range of Italian pastries. For savory options, expect focaccia, bread, pizza (both dough and ready-to-eat), and more.

Calling it a “bakery” understates what Vernier is planning to offer, though: the 24-seater will have wine and snacks on hand (frittata, crostini) at cheap prices for people to eat and drink on-site (though it looks to be mostly a daytime venue, with hours likely to go no later than early evening). On top of that will be a delicatessen-type section with antipasti (cheese and meat in particular) and other Italian specialties for sale.

Expect it sometime in late spring, or early summer.

Bella's Italian Bakery & Market

9119 SE Woodstock Blvd, Portland, OR 97266 (971) 255-1212 Visit Website