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Old Chinatown Karaoke Bar Boiler Room Is Set to Become a Starbucks

Good news for fans of mediocre coffee

A customer buys a Starbucks coffee drinking in the car.
Another satisfied Starbucks customer
Zhang Peng/Getty Images

Those who have been wonder what might take the place of defunct Old Town karaoke bar the Boiler Room now have an answer: a whole bunch of Frappuccinos®.

The Portland Mercury reported the news on Friday morning that a Starbucks will open in the coming months in the building at the corner of NW 3rd and Davis. The space has been unoccupied since Boiler Room was closed in September 2016.

The Mercury story notes that the building’s operators, Templeton Property Management, have not yet confirmed that the Seattle coffee giant is moving in, but confirms that tenants in the building were notified of the cafe’s impending arrival.

It’s the first Starbucks for the Old Town/Chinatown area, but definitely not the first coffee shop — those who are not fans of obscenely large multinationals and syrupy drinks that misuse the term “macchiato” can always head a couple of blocks away to Floyd’s or Deadstock Coffee.