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Old Pono Farm Space to Become Sushi and Thai Restaurant

From the people behind a Milwaukie Thai restaurant

Dina Avila

Former Japanese restaurant Pono Farm Soul Kitchen on NE Sandy is set to house a new restaurant very soon, named Saima Thai & Sushi.

Pono Farm closed its doors last summer, and Meg Cotner at Bridgetown Bites has kept a close eye on the space, noticing a “coming soon” banner, and some action in the space since early December.

The details about the restaurant are pretty scarce, but Bridgetown Bites suggests that it’s from the same people behind Milwaukie’s King Curry. That SE King restaurant features a predominantly Thai menu with many of the staples, from green and red curries through to pad thai and pad see-ew with a handful of non-Thai items thrown in (orange chicken, teriyaki).

Overall, it’s a fairly well-liked neighborhood Thai spot. Its menu would suggest that the sushi element of Saima is new territory, and perhaps that the Thai dishes would be a better bet — but that’s just conjecture, and who knows — maybe there’s a pro sushi chef on board. Stay tuned for more.