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A Third Burgerville is Filing for Union Recognition

The Hawthorne location of the local fast food change is the next in line to have a recognized union

Several people standing with a Burgerville Workers Union sign. Burgerville Workers Union/Facebook

Employees of the Hawthorne Burgerville location want to join the country’s first federally recognized fast food workers union. Earlier today, staff presented the company with a petition to be recognized as members of the Burgerville Workers Union, which would make it the third Burgerville shop to do so.

The group has given Burgerville until the end of the week to recognize the union before it contacts the National Labor Relations Board for a potential election. An election would likely be a snap for pro-union employees, however; 80 percent of the Hawthorne location workers signed the original petition for recognition. “Burgerville corporate likes to say that they’re excited to work with the union and listen to us workers,” said James Curry, a worker at the Hawthorne Burgerville, in a press release. “This is their chance to do the right thing and prove it. The overwhelming majority of workers at Hawthorne have spoken: we want Burgerville to voluntarily recognize us.”

Burgerville employees have already gained union recognition twice this year: first at the 92nd and Powell location, then at the Montavilla shop. The demands for the Hawthorne union’s initial contract mirror the others, with a $5 raise for hourly workers, assured protections for undocumented workers, and better health care.

The relationship between the union and Burgerville’s corporate team has been contentious, with strikes, walkouts, and other protests over issues such as the right to wear political buttons at work. Given the trend of unionization, it’s unlikely this will be the last shop to officially do so.

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