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A Cocktail Bar With ‘80s Vibes and a Rockstar Chef Opens Tonight [Updated]

Pink Rabbit will open January 17, packed with talent from Teardrop and Revelry

Pink Rabbit, the upcoming cocktail bar from accomplished bartender Tyler Stevens (Teardrop Lounge, Tusk) and cafe mogul Billy Hasson (Barista), will finally open tonight in the Pearl District. Jonathan Holiday, former sous chef at the Korean-spiced late-night bar Revelry, will handle the food, while Stevens covers the cocktails.

Holiday’s resume is impressive, also working at local legends like Pok Pok, Tasty N’ Sons, and Toro Bravo. His menu at Pink Rabbit incorporates classic bar dishes with Southeast Asian spins, like a Thai-style braised oxtail burger with som tom papaya slaw and fried crispy shallots, or arancini balls stuffed with braised octopus or mozzarella. Most of the items on the menu will be gluten-free, aside from the occasional sandwich or pasta dish.

While still under construction, the space already has a distinct aesthetic, and Stevens says the team is going old-school Portland with the vibe. The bar’s look borrows heavily from 1980s kitsch, with bright neon pink and an infinity mirror for a standing bar table. Blue velvet furniture, sage green channeling under the bar, and artwork along the walls will keep the space comfortable and stylish, and a gorgeous, silver-gray wallpaper patterned with scaled circles draws from Portland’s infamous gray skies. Pink Rabbit opens January 17 at 7 p.m.

Update: January 17, 2019, 10:07 a.m.
This story has been updated to include the new opening date for Pink Rabbit.

Pink Rabbit

232 Northwest 12th Avenue, , OR 97209 (971) 255-0386 Visit Website