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Vote Now for Portland’s Food Cart of the Year

What meal on wheels stood out in 2018?

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Brooke Jackson-Glidden is the editor of Eater Portland.

The day has come, folks: The final day of voting for the 2018 Eater Awards. Since Monday, Eater readers around the world have been voting for the best new restaurant industry talent in their various cities, choosing the reader’s choice award winners — each category has an editor’s choice winner, as well, but the site editors have those covered. Here in Portland, our last day of voting involves one of the city’s most noteworthy food scenes: food carts. Learn a little bit about the contestants below:

Bark City BBQ

In a town ruled by Matt’s BBQ, Bark City holds its own on N Killingsworth, with knockout brisket, saucy chopped pork, and heavenly banana pudding milkshakes. Another must-order at Bark City is possibly the most ingenious barbecue accoutrement: pickled avocado. Trust us, it works.

Gracie’s Apizza

Portland’s pizza cred is growing, and as the city slowly develops its own style of pie, Gracie’s adds an interesting style to the conversation: Chewy, sorta New Haven sequel dough, Neapolitan simplicity and spots of char, and Portlander-pleasing toppings like pickled peppers and Aleppo pepper.

Little Conejo

This Portland outpost of the amazing Vancouver taqueria serves wild-tasting lamb barbacoa and juicy, piquant suadero tacos out of the popular Prost Marketplace pod. Served on house-made tortillas, Little Conejo tacos are hard to forget.

Trap Kitchen PDX

A California outpost of the popular Soul food catering company, Trap Kitchen pulls off everything from gooey mac and cheese to knockout teriyaki bowls served in halved pineapples. Check out the cart’s Instagram to see what’s in store each day.

Wild North

A visit to this Cartlandia spot proves that a good enough chef can successfully pull of fine(ish) dining in a food cart. Go for dishes like foie gras mousse puffs, seared duck breast with barley risotto, and smoked chocolate custard.

You have 24 hours to vote for your favorite new cart. Vote now, and see all the winners on December 5:

Wild North

1411 Northeast Broadway, , OR 97232 (971) 808-1202 Visit Website

Prost Marketplace

4233 N. Mississippi Avenue, Portland, OR (503) 954-2674 Visit Website

Trap Kitchen

8 Northwest 6th Avenue, , OR 97209 (503) 442-0748 Visit Website

Bark City BBQ

3582 Southeast Powell Boulevard, , OR 97202 Visit Website