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Will Portland Get a New Food Cart Corridor Downtown?

Plus, a restaurant owner and manager say they were deliberately misled by political campaigners

Food Cart Pod

The flashing neon sign of Tuesday’s election is sure to have everyone biting nails and refreshing FiveThirtyEight, but for those desperate for a distraction, the world of Portland food news charges on. In this week’s EaterWire, find a possible solution for the great downtown food cart purge, a less expensive taste of a Portland fine dining institution, and the manipulation of two restaurant vets for a political campaign.

CARTED OFF — A handful of food cart advocates have pitched a potential food cart corridor to replace the various disappearing parking lots and pods being filled by developments. The carts would sit in parking spots downtown alongside a stretch of street, potentially SW 9th Avenue between Director Park and O’Bryant Square. Stay tuned to see if this saves some crucial carts in that area. [Willamette Week]

‘MISLED AND USED’ — A restaurant owner and manager are accusing the No on Measure 26-201 campaign of deliberately misleading them to get their support. The two industry vets, who do not speak English fluently, were told the bill would ban a tax on groceries. That’s Measure 103 — Measure 26-201 would force corporations to pay a one percent tax on revenue to help fund green projects in Portland, and it does not include groceries. [Portland Tribune]

KEEPING IT CASUAL — For years, fine dining spot Beast has rolled out elaborate, multi-course dinners for more than $100 dollars per person; now, chef Naomi Pomeroy is heading into sort-of less expensive territory this December with her casual Tuesday dinners between $65 to $90. Okay, so casual’s a stretch — it’s still a four-course dinner with Pomeroy chops. Still, it’s the most accessible Pomeroy’s food has ever been — and don’t forget, vegetarians and pescetarians can still get in on the action by letting the restaurant know while making a reservation. [The O]

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