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Portland Brewing Has Closed its Restaurant

The brewery attributed the closure to a competitive market

Portland Brewing

Portland Brewing, one of the city’s oldest breweries, has closed its restaurant in Northwest Portland to focus on making its iconic beer, Willamette Week first reported. The brewery released a press statement on Tuesday, writing, “Portland is a challenging restaurant market, and ours simply wasn’t able to sustainability compete in this landscape. We are brewers first and foremost, so we made the choice to focus on what we do best—brewing and selling great beer.”

Though the restaurant has closed, the brewery will hold on to the space, continuing with “dock sales,” directly selling kegs and cases from the brewery. All 20 restaurant employees will receive comprehensive severance packages.

Portland Brewing isn’t the only classic brewhouse to close its restaurant this year: Alameda Brewing closed its brewpub location on Fremont November 3, and Lompoc Brewing closed its original location in Northwest Portland in September. Portland Brewing started serving burgers at its restaurant in 1994, eight years after the brewery opened.