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A Third Burgerville Location Has Formally Unionized

The Hawthorne Burgerville has joined the BVWU

Burgerville Workers Union/Facebook

Workers at the SE Hawthorne Burgerville location voted to officially join the Burgerville Workers Union (BWVU) yesterday. The National Labor Relations Board oversaw the election, which ended in a 13 to 9 vote to join the first federally recognized fast food workers union.

This makes the Hawthorne location the third to officially be unionized, after the 92nd and Powell location and the Gladstone location. James Curry IV, a worker from the Hawthorne shop, was quoted in a press release from the BWVU saying, “Despite some anti-union messaging from Burgerville Corporate, Burgerville workers showed up today to say that we want a union at this shop, and we are so ready to join our friends and coworkers at the bargaining table.” Burgerville, in its own release, stated that, “Burgerville remains committed to bargaining in good faith with the Burgerville Workers Union.”

The union’s demands have remained consistent for the more than two years of strikes and protests: a $5 raise, better health coverage, and secure protections for undocumented workers. The union is still calling for a boycott of the company until its demands are met, and will picket outside of the Hawthorne location on Monday, December 17.

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