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The Team Behind Duck House Opened a Chinese Restaurant in Vancouver

Szechuan Brothers seemed to slip under the radar for the most part

Szechuan Brothers/Facebook

Somehow, Portland media (including us) missed the news that Szechuan Brothers, the new restaurant from the team behind the game-changing Duck House Chinese Restaurant, opened in Vancouver in early October.

Szechuan Brothers’ kitchen is helmed by Yuacho Yao, the chef from Duck House, but it’s no carbon copy—while it sports a sizable menu, it doesn’t have the xiao long bao that made Duck House such a hit. Instead, it emphasizes Szechuan hot pots and other spicy dishes, as well as some popular new dishes like seafood okra soup and a Szechuan-style whole grilled fish. Those looking for dumplings can find the addictive wontons in chili oil, and the restaurant might be expanding the menu to add some dim sum specials like bao down the line. Like its sister restaurant near Portland State University, Szechuan Brothers is open for lunch and dinner Wednesdays through Mondays.

Szechuan Brothers

13503 Southeast Mill Plain Boulevard, , WA 98684 (360) 256-6688 Visit Website