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The Best Restaurant Neighborhoods of 2018

These are the ‘hoods that delivered the goods this year according to Portland’s best fed

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The door of Canard on East Burnside
Dina Avila/EPDX
Brooke Jackson-Glidden is the editor of Eater Portland.

As the year comes to a close, Eater sites across the globe are tipping hats to all of 2018’s restaurant memories, meals, and surprises. Here in Portland, we asked some of the city’s best fed about their favorite dining neighborhoods. From hotel-happy downtown to the Chinese counters of 82nd, these are the ‘hoods that delivered the goods this year.

Michael Russell, restaurant critic for The Oregonian:

“Lower East Burnside, if only because that’s where Canard can be found.”

Gary Okazaki, co-host of the podcast Walk-ins Welcome with Gary & Michael:

“East Burnside. Canard is the #1 new restaurant in PDX. Hey Love is already one of the better bars in PDX with an ambitious bar menu. My first meal at Normandie was solid. La Luna Cafe was a nice addition to the neighborhood. Add to these aforementioned restaurants/bars, future openings with strong potential: Erizo and Scotch Lodge.”

Mattie John Bamman, author of Ravenous Traveler and former Eater PDX editor

“Southeast Division still reigns supreme overall, but East Burnside was definitely busy in 2018 (and late 2017), from Canard to Sammich to People’s Pig.”

Michael C Zusman, restaurant critic for Willamette Week:

“I don’t know. Distribution seems in better balance than for a long while, with relative surge in westside choices.”

Pechluck Laskey, author of Pechluck’s Food Adventures and Eater PDX contributor:

“Downtown/SW Portland saw a flurry of new openings (Bullard, Il Solito), while classics like Maurice, Higgins, Headwaters, continue to deliver.”

Vanessa Ng and Vicki Ng, culinary mavens behind @foodbellypdx:

“We grew up and lived in the city of Richmond, BC for 15+ years (where the demographic is predominately Asian and often lauded as having the best Chinese food outside of Asia), so the Asian-immigrant population of 82nd really is the closest thing to home away from home for us in Portland. Having dim sum at HK Cafe and congee at Master Kong gives us a little dose of nostalgia.”

Nick Woo, author of Feast Meats West and Eater PDX contributor:

“Central Eastside. Kachinka, new location of Kachka, Canard, Normandie, Hey Love on top of what’s already there. The rich got richer.”