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Portland Brewery Shoots IPA Into Space

The first craft beer in space

Bridgeport Brewing

Elon Musk may have launched a red Tesla Roadster into orbit, but Portland’s very own BridgePort Brewery sent its original India pale ale into space recently. On January 25, the team from BridgePort traveled to Texas with a cooler packed with two bottles, a camera, a decorative IPA bottle, and a big balloon to carry the beer past the earth’s atmosphere. The resulting video is impressive.

In 2017, Budweiser pledged to be the first beer on Mars, but title of first craft beer in space is a pretty good follow-up.

BridgePort is on Eater’s 21 Essential Portland Brewpubs map, with the entry:

Founded in 1984, it’s “Oregon’s Oldest Craft Brewery,” and though the modern vibe and Pearl prices aren’t very old school, the “pub favorites,” like Shepherd’s Pie and mussels and fries, are worth it. It also caters to dietary needs, with vegetarian and vegan options. Just watch out for the Bridgeport Brick Burger: It’s one of biggest messes (in a good way) the city has ever created.

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