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El Coquí Brings Puerto Rican Fare to Portland’s Food Cart Scene

Monfongo for all

San Juan

Chef Anthony “Tony” Banegas brings the flavors of San Juan, Puerto Rico to Portland with his new food cart El Coquí. The cart will join other Latin American establishments at Portland Mercado, a subset of non-profit Hacienda CDC, provides affordable retail space for businesses to thrive, at 7238 SE Foster Rd.

El Coquí will serve Puerto Rico’s signature dish monfongo, which is a bowl of fried green plantains filled with pork, vegetables or chicken. Also on the menu: pinchos (skewers), empanadas, and bacalaitos (cod fish fritters).

To welcome the new food cart, Portland Mercado will host a grand opening party on Saturday, February 17, from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m.

To get the latest updates on follow them on Facebook. Also included, photos of the coquí, which is “a small frog native to Puerto Rico, which became a cultural symbol for the people of the island,” according to Portland Mercado.

Portland Mercado [Official]
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