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Ex-Ray Chef to Anchor Restaurant at Upcoming Boutique Hilton Hotel

It will center around a gas-fired pizza oven

An architect’s rendering of the upcoming Canopy hotel
Official/Canopy by Hilton

Canopy, a boutique hotel under the megachain Hilton, is coming to the Pearl District this spring — and an-ex chef de cuisine from celebrated Israeli restaurant Ray is going to helm the restaurant inside it.

The Portland Mercury reports that the hotel’s restaurant is also to be named Canopy, and chef Sara Woods is to be the woman in charge. Woods was chef de cuisine at Jenn Louis’ N Williams restaurant until recent weeks, when she presumably left to take on this project; she was also at Louis’ previous project, Lincoln.

Canopy (the restaurant) will be in a shared space with the hotel’s bar, and it will center partially around a gas-fired pizza oven. Unsurprisingly, that means pizza will be offered — but the Mercury suggests that it won’t be strictly a pizza restaurant, with other Pacific Northwest-inspired dishes like a wild mushroom melt, braised short rib, and more.

As a hotel restaurant, it will do breakfast, lunch, and coffee service (using Nossa Familia beans) as well, in a 60-seat space.

The hotel and restaurant openings are slated for sometime in the spring or early summer — while the Mercury writes that it could be as the first week of May, the hotel is only taking reservations for after June 30, which seems like an indirect guarantee that the opening won’t be any later than that date.


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