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Modest Mouse Frontman’s Portland Bar Looks To Be Opening Very Soon

It comes with Ranch Pizza

27th Annual Byron Bay Bluesfest 2016
Isaac Brock performs with Modest Mouse in Australia
Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images

It’s been a few months since the news that Modest Mouse singer Isaac Brock would be opening a Northeast Portland bar — and now it looks like that bar, Poison’s Rainbow, is gearing up for service any moment now.

As reported last summer, the bar is opening on NE 28th Avenue, not far from the Laurelhurst theater, in a space that used to be dive bar Red Flag. It’s set to feature decor all designed by Brock — the singer and guitarist isn’t doing it alone though, as he’s working with new-ish restaurant group Title Bout, which was part-founded by the creator of Bunk Sandwiches and Pizza Jerk.

Speaking of pizza, in November, the world learned that hit Sicilian-style pizzaiolos Pizza Ranch would be doing food at Poison’s Rainbow, too.

And now it looks like the whole package is almost ready for its debut: while Poison’s Rainbow was initially slated to open in January, in recent days, the bar’s website was adjusted to note “opening late February/early March”. Over on Instagram, plenty of commenters are asking questions about the opening date, and the official account did reply to one earlier this month suggesting that the bar should be open by the first weekend of March — that would be March 3, although there’s no confirmation of that.

On top of that, the bar’s Instagram has been dropping some strong hints that it’s nearly ready, depicting seating areas with colored lighting rigged up, as well as a few of the interior fixtures. While there’s no clear view as to what the bar’s decor will look like, it seems pretty vivid and colorful, with a solid mix of textures and lighting approaches to create a li’l bit of a world within Poison’s Rainbow — here are some sneak peeks culled from social media.

Poison's Rainbow

344 NE 28th Ave., Portland, OR Visit Website