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Lake Oswego Restaurateur Faces Charges For Forced Labor [Updated]

And a second charge alleging he provided false information on visa applications

Yelp/Pui S.

KOIN is reporting that an owner of Lake Oswego Thai restaurant Curry in a Hurry is being charged in federal court with forced human labor, along with an additional charge for supplying false information on visa applications.

Court documents obtained by the TV network allege that Paul Jumroon (also known as Veraphon Phatanakitjumroom) both threatened and inflicted harm on a person who is named only with the initials P.T., in order to force that person into providing “labor and services”.

It is also alleged that Jumroom and others “intentionally conspired” to obtain E-2 visas, which allow citizens of certain countries into the United States as long as they are investing a significant amount of money in an American business. Specifically, court documents allege that across seven applications, “false claims” were made on immigration applications so that (unnamed) Thai citizens could come to the USA.

In addition to the above two charges, Jumroom faces a third charge for making false statements on a 2013 tax return; he is expected to take a plea deal this month.

UPDATE: According to The Oregonian, Jumroon plead guilty to “forced labor, visa fraud conspiracy and filing a false federal income tax return” on Wednesday, February 14. He owes $131,392 to the victims and $120,384 to the IRS.