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Meet Jory, N Mississippi’s New Pour-Over Only Cafe

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An espresso-free zone

Jory Coffee

North Mississippi has welcomed a new coffee shop that has ditched the tampers and steam wands — Jory Coffee Co., which opened in January, is doing only pour-over brews.

Jory is open near N Failing, on the same block as Blue Star Donuts and Little Big Burger, with a very straightforward set of offerings — hot pour-over coffee, Japanese iced coffee, and sparkling coffee (to be served seasonally). There are also pastries and toast with avocado, goat cheese, and jam are in the works, all served out of a very minimalist white and light-teal nook.

It seems like Jory might be bucking a coffee world trend — last month Eater National reported that some coffee shops including third-wave giant Intelligentsia were moving away from pour-over and back towards espresso — a key reason given was that fewer customers were willing to wait the five-or-so minutes for a pour-over cup to be ready.

Yet it could be Portlanders have a few more spare minutes on their hands — early feedback to Eater has been positive about Jory, and the cafe has an unabashed commitment to quality. It’s serving predominantly local coffee including roasts from Nossa Familia and Heart, and precision is key — while pour-over is often done by hand, the coffee shop has invested in a Poursteady machine for brewing, allowing ratios to be set with precision, and allowing each cup to be poured consistently. It’s also just a nice looking piece of machinery.

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STATUS — Jory Coffee Co. is open at 3845 N Mississippi from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily.

Jory Coffee Co.

3845 North Mississippi Avenue, , OR 97227 Visit Website