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Oregon Government Launches Central Website For Restaurant Health Inspection Data

It’s much less clunky


It’s going to be a lot easier to check how restaurants fares in health inspections in Oregon — according to KATU News, the state’s Health Authority has launched a new portal that will collect information on whether restaurants passed or failed inspections all in one place.

The system, named Healthspace, will carry inspection data from every county in Oregon, replacing the hodgepodge current system where most counties put details from health inspectors on their individual websites. It will also carry inspection data for hotels and swimming pools around the state.

It’s still not the most intuitive system — rather than performing a straightforward search for an establishment, users need to choose the county that a restaurant is in, and then search by its name. Healthspace will then bring up information on past inspections, including whether a restaurant passed or failed, and the details of any violations.

In the Portland area, only Clackamas County’s health inspections can be searched for using the new system at present — KATU News suggests that Washington County’s reports will stay on its own website (which is mercifully user-friendly enough).

Meanwhile, Multnomah County’s health inspection information will arrive on Healthspace in March, replacing the rather clunky search system currently in place. That old system is fairly heavy on jargon for the average person who wants pass/fail information, and has somewhat of a preference for users to enter restaurant’s exact and full names.

For much of the rest of the state, you can search inspection listings over here.