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Someone Did a Really Bad Job Breaking into Besaw’s

CBD smoothies, Tails & Trotters, and other food news

Someone attempted to break into Besaw’s last night and sort of failed.
Dina Avila/EPDX
Brooke Jackson-Glidden is the editor of Eater Portland.

Between Pok Pok’s exclusive Beaverton location and Poison’s Rainbow opening its doors Monday, March is proving to be a big month for food news. Here’s a smattering of quick bites for your Tuesday morning, just to get us started.

ROUGH NIGHT — Everyone has rough days at work, but the person who tried to burglarize Besaw’s should probably consider a career change. Communications Manager Lisa Ramirez told The Mercury that someone attempted to break in March 7. The mystery looter knocked over a safe and tried to saw into it before giving up. The burglar almost made off with an employee’s backpack (and laptop), but said, ‘Eh, I think I’ll stick with a half-empty bottle of Johnny Walker Blue.’ [Portland Mercury]

LET THE GRAVY FLOW — Cult breakfast menagerie Gravy announced the second location’s opening date on Facebook yesterday. The new Sandy location will be open on March 17th, “five days” from its Monday post. Gravy announced it would be moving into the Harvest at the Bindery space earlier this year. [Facebook]

BACK WITH THE BACON — Welcome back, Tails & Trotters. The butcher shop closed over a year ago after a fire destroyed owner Aaron Silverman’s entire inventory. T&T has a loyal fanbase and has been featured on Hard Rock porcupine Guy Fieri’s food parade Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. [EaterWire]

Imagine this with just a touch of CBD blended in

CBD SMOOTHIE, PLEASE — Forget a protein boost, Prasad’s sister restaurant Harlow has started adding shots of the weed compound CBD to its juices and blended drinks for anyone looking for a really relaxing afternoon break. Reminder for squares and cops: CBD has no THC in it, so don’t expect to get really into the jam bands or anything. [Portland Monthly]

BARBECUE AND BEER — In case you missed it, Matt’s BBQ finally found a home before it was officially booted from its MLK location. You can head to Mississippi beer bar Prost! in April for brisket tacos and pork steak. [EPDX]

SWEET JAM GOES SILENT — The funeral march continues to roll through brunch spots across Portland: Sweet Jam has closed all of its locations in a matter of weeks. [EPDX]

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