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Bistro Agnes Will Serve Foie Gras French Toast for Lunch

And other news

Bistro Agnes/Official

The dumplings are now rolling at Yong Kang Street, which has dim sum enthusiasts enthralled — meanwhile, the news continues: The conflict between the Burgerville Workers Union and the corporate office comes to a head today (big news), Portland was named the best city in America for food trucks (no duh), and Shabazz Napier is pouring coffee at Stumptown this weekend, which... could be considered news. Let’s get into it.

NO FREE LUNCH — Bistro Agnes will launch lunch service April 2nd, Portland Monthly reports, with everything from the ridiculously lavish foie-gras pain perdu to a burger sitting in a puddle of Bordelaise. It’s a far cry from the downtown food carts, to say the least. [PoMo]

FOOD FIGHTThe Burgerville Workers Union is turning up the heat on its corporate bigwigs. As the Mercury first reported on Monday, the union at the local burger chain’s 92nd and Powell location gave the company a 48-hour deadline to recognize its existence before it petitions the National Labor Relations Board. The deadline came and went, which means the Burgerville Workers Union very well might become the first federally recognized fast-food union. [Merc, EPDX]

WELL, DUH — Shocking literally no one, Portland is the most food-truck-friendly city in the United States, according to a U.S. Chamber of Commerce study. The Oregonian reports that Portland didn’t do quite as well financially, ranking eighth nationally in ease of setting up a food cart. [The O]

KEEP IT CRACKING — Down-home country store Cracker Barrel continues its trek into the Pacific Northwest, opening our state’s fourth location in Southern Oregon, the first in that region. According to The O, it’ll open in the fall after the Jantzen Beach location starts serving burgers the spring. [The O]

SHABAZZISTA — Blazers’ backup point guard Shabazz Napier will be pouring coffee at Stumptown’s downtown location Saturday, Willamette Week reports. He’s apparently a big fan of the stuff; take a look at this amazingly bizarre ad he did for the coffee company in December. [WWeek]

Burgerville Workers Union [Official]
Burgerville Workers Union Give Corporate 48 Hours to Recognize Its Existence [Merc]
Portland (where else?) named best city for food trucks in America [The O]
Cracker Barrel to open first Southern Oregon location [The O]
Shabazz Napier Will Be Pouring Coffee at Stumptown This Weekend [WWeek]

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